The Letona King of the Channel® Trophy

The Letona Trophy  letona-trophy-2

The Letona Trophy was donated by Letona Foods Ltd.

The Letona trophy, along with the title "King of the Channel®" is awarded to the male swimmer who has completed the most number of Channel swims, as authenticated by, verified by and ratified by the Channel Swimming Association Ltd.

The Association appreciates that some swimmers may wish to make their attempts outside of the Rules and Conditions of the Channel Swimming Association Ltd. and we regret that we are unable to verify these swims and are unable to include them in our lists of successful swims. Consequently they do not qualify for this award.

Michael Read in Training

Three times winner of the Letona Trophy,
King of the Channel®, Mike Read training.

Where can I see the trophy?

The original trophy was returned to Sydney by the Channel Swimming Association in November 2005 so that a replica could be made and put on display in Sydney Airport as part of a tribute display to the late Desmond Renford, MBE, OHC.

However, the original trophy was retained and a replica returned to the Association in April 2006. This is currently on display with all the Channel Swimming Association trophies in the Dover Museum.

The current "King of the Channel®" Michael 'Mike' Read

Mike Read, "King of the Channel®" three times holder, 1979, 1980-2000 and 2004 to date, pictured with the trophy in the Dover Museum.

Michael Read with the Letona Trophy

Pictured with the trophy and some of the Associations other trophies in a cabinet on display in the Dover Museum.

Michael Read with the Letona Trophy